Summer Time

I’ve been writing in a new place sporadically over the last month. I created a page, cleverly (in my humble opinion) titled “Om Gonna Stay in Bed” to capture a few of my yoga musings. I don’t know why I felt like I couldn’t put those here, but somehow, at the time, the separation felt … More Summer Time

7 Quick Takes

-1- Let’s kick things off with praise for three day weekends. We had Thursday (our Friday in the Muslim world) and Paul and I were able to run around getting a few errands done without kids and grab lunch at P.F. Changs. We had plans to hit the beach, but Doha weather has been super … More 7 Quick Takes

The S Word

My first year of teaching was, like for many others, a comedy of errors. Though I truly had the best of intentions, I was practically fresh out of diapers and doing my best to teach and love on 30 second graders. Even with a top notch curriculum and a very supportive team, that’s tough work … More The S Word


It’s super early Thanksgiving morning and I actually have a few minutes alone to prep for the day. I took the turkey out of the freezer a few days late which necessitated a cold early morning bath to finish defrosting it. So as soon as I finished nursing Clara around 4 I filled the sink … More Thankful

Dark Places

For the past few weeks I’ve had a heavy, internal countdown happening in my brain. Just 6 weeks left… Just 4 weeks left… Just 3 weeks left… And today, it’s just 2 weeks left. Lately anyone I’ve run into who’s made the mistake of asking “How’s it going? How’s baby Clara?” has been greeted with … More Dark Places