Seven Quick Takes {Early Summer Edition}



Our best kept secret. The weather here in Seattle has been incredible since we arrived almost two weeks ago-it’s sunny and warm every day. The mornings and evenings are cool and we’re perfectly comfortable with windows open and no air conditioning, which is a good thing since we don’t have any. It’s supposed to get quite warm over the weekend so we may need to break out a fan, but since we’re used to June being mostly cold and rainy I’m going to resist the urge to complain. Our first summer here we arrived fresh off the plane from India to find that our refrigerator was completely broken and it was still so chilly out we easily stored milk, beer and wine on the back deck without a problem while we waited for our new one to arrive. Thankfully it’s not that cold and we are enjoying sunny summer weather since our feet touched down in the PNW.


Free babysitting. As the overachieving dutiful parents we attempt to be we registered the kids for summer camps a few months ago. July is open since we have visitors every single day of the month, but next week and the first weeks of August the kids are booked. That left this week as completely open which is excellent except that I had already heard “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry” 52,000 times the first seven days we were home. I did some heavy internet research and found that a local church was offering Vacation Bible School from 9-12 this week for ages 4-11. Score. Signed the kids up for a 4 days and found myself with 3ish hours every day without any child home with me. As an added bonus the program was really organized and well-done, and I would now say that my children’s knowledge of the The Bible and Christianity is on par with their understanding of Hinduism and various other religions around the world.


Heartbreak Hotel. For the most part our transition out of India and back home for the summer has been relatively smooth. The only hiccup we’ve had is with sweet Stella who’s had a few rough moments of really missing India, and specifically her nanny, May. She scrawls notes to her daily and includes a “Do you miss me? Circle yes or no” at the end of each one. Yesterday’s attempt at a Mommy-Stella date was upset by her general unhappiness about the unfairness of the world. Eventually it came out that she was mad at God and Jesus for “creating so many countries in the world. Countries that keep us all apart and make us miss each other every day.” Sweet girl.


Podcasts. Thanks to the onslaught of domestic duties summer calls for, I’ve found myself deeply into podcasts as I fold laundry, clean the kitchen, and Swiffer everything in sight. Right now my favorite podcast is Read Aloud Revival and the Gretchin Rubin. Both keep me ticking along through the chores and I don’t feel like I need to pause it every time a kid walks in the room.


Books, books and more books. We are loving our library up the street. It’s still a bit mind blowing to me that I can actually just request books and they will appear on the shelf for pick up. A community library is a beautiful thing. The kids are keeping track of their reading time and we’ve built incentives to keep them going all summer long. I’m trying to do a better job of reading aloud to the bigger kids and reading Stella at least five books a day. It’s so easy to get sucked into other things if I am reading on my phone, so for now I’m doing my best to stick to physical books.


{Not} Running like the wind. Summer has always been my big running season. Because Bainbridge Island offers amazing weather, safe roads, and a plethora of running opportunities that don’t involve rats, I’ve always used the time to sign up for lots of races. Last year I squeezed out 3 half marathons in five weeks. This year, not so much. I registered for the Vancouver Half that is being held this weekend, but I was diagnosed with a stubborn and painful case of plantar fascitis in April and I had to cut my training. Additionally, I just got burnt out on running on treadmills day in and day out. Running just wasn’t making me happy anymore. The break has been good- my foot feels better as long as I ice it regularly and I am motivated to run again. I’ve joined the fitness center nearby and I’m hoping to enjoy some Pilates and if I’m feeling brave, maybe even join the running class. There are these two races in July that are calling my name as well.


Make It Happen. Earlier this year I started using Lara Casey’s PowerSheets to name my goals and chart my progress towards them. By April, as the school calendar ramped up and our responsibilities for getting out of India and into our new school grew, I was in survival mode. I’m hoping to take a step back and work on being more intentional with my time through July and August. Between another round of PowerSheets and this new book I am hoping to stop putting out fires and actually make progress towards my goals.


So there it is. My first SQT on the new blog!

For more SQT head over to Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum.


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