When I started blogging back in 2008 it seemed like an easy way to keep family in the loop about our day to day living overseas. I could share pictures of the kids (then only 4 and 2), our apartment, the city, and our school; and reassure family and friends that we were doing fine in our new adventure. Over time, the blog has evolved into less about family updates and more about the ramblings in my brain. But as we get ready to start another adventure overseas I can feel the pull of putting in a few more family updates until the newness of the place merges into our normal daily living.

This summer has been glorious. The weather alone deserves that description-sunny nearly every day-but we’ve also been enjoying our extended summer, visits from family, and a short vacation from our vacation.

Late yesterday afternoon we rolled in from a week down in Sunriver, Oregon. We spent our time sharing a big house, complete with stairs (you’re welcome, Stella!), with another family and their boys. We rode bikes, went swimming, looked at the stars, explored caves, visited the High Desert museum, and shopped the incredible Goodwill store in Bend. Aside from the drive, which was a little cramped with five us in the Saab for seven hours, it was great. Definitely a place to visit again.

2015-07-20 19.55.05

2015-07-21 10.52.422015-07-21 18.41.12-1 2015-07-22 11.03.07 2015-07-22 11.21.04 2015-07-25 12.11.45
2015-07-25 15.55.13 2015-07-26 13.01.36 2015-07-26 13.03.52 2015-07-26 13.07.27-1


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