We’re here!

The words don’t come easily these days. The whirlwind of a cross continent move has a way of pushing nearly everything else out of your brain except for the immediate need right in front of you. Find a toothbrush! Where are my pants? Anyone know where to buy milk?

The last 2 weeks can be summed up as a pattern of sleeping, eating, shopping, and introducing. We battled jet lag for a week and finally seem to be getting into some routine at home.

Our villa is gorgeous. We haven’t had so much space in a long while and I appreciate being able to tell the kids to head upstairs when they are being too loud. Once our shipment arrives everything will stop echoing and it will finally feel like home. The grounds on the compound are a dream. There’s a pool, game room, restaurant, and gym all within a two minute walk. Despite the heat we are enjoying every bit of it.

Qatar is hot and humid. And humid and hot. And really super hot. For me it seems impossible to drink enough water to avoid a late afternoon headache. But, if you can manage to get to the pool and sit in the chilled water it isn’t too bad.

School started this week for Noah and Sophie. Stella starts on Sunday. The kids are happy and enjoying their new environments.

They’re already begging for a dog.

Moving countries, jobs, schools, and homes is never easy. When you put them all together it’s near impossible to have a smooth transition, but overall we’re doing it. Looking forward to the weekend and our first real week of school beginning on Sunday.

A few pics from day to day life here:

IMG_1542  View from our front doorIMG_1586

IMG_1599 IMG_1601 IMG_1602

The Club

IMG_1564And the view from my classroom


One thought on “We’re here!

  1. WOW! How very exciting! If you want any recommendations on a puppy … well, you know how I feel and whom I think might be a good adoption 🙂

    Many prayers for a smooth transition and happy settling in. Before (we) all know it, the school year will swallow us up and it will be like you’ve been there for ages. Hope Noah, Sophie and Stella get to use the basketball hoop across the way.

    Lots of love and every wish for success and many wonderful new friends! Where did you find milk?



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