Eid Mubarak

We are on break! Today marks the beginning of our Eid vacation. Ten days off after just a bit over three weeks back in the classroom. At first I admit I was a bit horrified-we were just getting used to the early wake ups, evening chores, and my kindergartners had finally mastered the quiet signal and sitting criss cross applesauce on the carpet.

Who goes on break after just three weeks?

However, the moon spoke and now we find ourselves with ten days off and no where to go. While Paul and I have our Residents’ Permits the kids are still waiting on their visas to go in and out of the country freely. Knowing these things take a while, we didn’t make any plans, and so we’re going to be enjoying Club Al Fardan (our compound), exploring Doha, and generally regrouping after moving across the world, setting up a new home, and beginning new jobs.

In short, we’re tired and running on fumes. These down days are welcome.

When you decide to leave a school, recruit, and relocate you don’t always consider it’s nearly a year long process. We decided to leave in September of last year, began recruiting and got jobs by November, transitioned during the spring, packed up our things in May, left India in June, and landed in Doha in August.

Our family has been moving from one place to another for a full year. And I’m so ready to be done with it.

So this week’s to-do list? Just two little things:

  1. Get out of survival mode
  2. Remember life is not an emergency

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