House Tour, Part One

It’s been quiet around the blog this month. Not for a lack of things happening, more like a shortage of time that leads to a deficit of coherent thoughts.

Our shipment arrived in early October. We knew it was in port, but had no idea when it would make it through customs and be delivered. One Monday morning around 8 Paul got a call that the container was being delivered around 10 am that day! We scrambled to find coverage for our classes, but made it home in time to watch the boxes start rolling in.

Pretty quickly we got the bottom floor set up, but the upstairs still has a few boxes. I thought coming from an apartment to a house we’d run short on furniture, but that’s definitely not the case. We have plenty of stuff! In a stroke of genius Paul had our bottom floor painted the week before our shipment arrived.

We’re certainly not fully settled, but we’re getting there. So wonderful to have a house after 7 years of apartment living!

Side note: I wish I could stage these pictures better, but if I tried for that they’d never get posted so we’ll go for the lived in look.


Our front door!

My some amazing stroke of luck there aren’t 52 bikes, scooters, and skateboards out front. We’re in a prime location and we get lots of visitors. Which is amazing for the kiddos. No complaints at all.


From the entry way

Our living room. For now we have two big tables downstairs. Once we get the glass for our door table we’ll move the big one and hopefully set up a little reading/library/art area.


Our kitchen

I love our kitchen! We have a real oven. After four years of toaster oven cooking I was so excited to have a full size oven. I love that our kitchen is big enough for all of us to hang out together.


Our kitchen, other side

The sunny window and island are my favorite parts of the kitchen. We found the island at Ikea and it has been great for storage and additional counter space.


Dining Room

We need to order some glass for our door table and then we’ll be set.


View from our first floor landing

It’s hard to tell, but there are always so many kids running around the neighborhood. The kids have a lot of freedom because they can’t go far. The sun sets pretty early here and then they have an hour or two of “night games” (huge hide and seek).

I love being in a home we don’t feel like we need to leave. All of us are quite happy to hang around the house and compound on the weekends. It’s a good change for us. As soon as the last boxes are unpacked we’ll show you the upstairs!


One thought on “House Tour, Part One

  1. Your new home looks great! I noticed your island right away (love the butcher-block top!)…perfect in your kitchen. Is there an IKEA near you??


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