January Goals

Is mid-January too late to create my goals for the month?

I prefer to think of it as a soft start. With a growth mind set.

I was encouraged by a new to me blog and the way she breaks up her monthly goals so I’m going to give it a try. Except mine are only for the next 2 weeks! Again, soft start with a growth mind set.

Around the House

-make a design plan for Sophie’s room

-visit Ikea to work on Sophie’s room

-have photo canvases made for upstairs

-bigger home for Ollie the bunny

For the Kiddos

-plan and have Sophie’s birthday party

-new backpack for Noah

-read Growing a Girl-it’s been in my collection for over a year and keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the pile.

Health and Fitness

-implement a morning workout routine

-join a yoga class

-regularly add green juice into our day

-cook at home 5 nights a week

Self Care

-visit the foot doctor

-hair cut and color

-book a regular massage to help with headaches



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