Fuwairit Beach

Last weekend was the first weekend in a few months that we had nothing on the agenda. No Little League, no soccer, and no birthday parties. We tried to run a few errands on Friday so that Saturday would be wide open. We planned on heading down to the MIA park, but as we thought about making a plan I mentioned to Paul we had to get to the beach sometime very soon before it got too hot.

He suggested we scrap the park plans and head to the beach in the next hour. I’m not normally so spontaneous, but I was desperate to break up the monotony of the weekend cycle of grocery shopping-sports-Saturday blues.

We stopped by MegaMart for turkey, baguettes, and drinks, quickly made lunch, ignored our sixth grader’s eye-rolling, packed up the car and headed north.


A big part of our move to Doha was the hope that we’d be able to spend more time outdoors. It sounds crazy, but the weather is amazing this time of year. It’s actually been quite beautiful since November. If we can make it to March without the stifling heat setting in, it will be a full four months of sunny, breezy days and cool nights. We knew there were several beaches less than an hour away, and our hope that we’d be able to enjoy some of our favorite family things once again-beach picnics, canoeing, kayaking, and camping. We’ve been off to a slow start this year, but now that we’ve been once we’ll definitely be back more often.

Fuwairit Beach was nearly deserted except for the family that decided parking 20 feet from us. The water was calm and there were seashells and coral for miles. Noah was slow to warm up-we’d actually taken him away from the compound for the afternoon, but after a few half hearted protests he was tossing the football around and reading on the beach. Sophie and Stella couldn’t have been happier building sand castles and exploring the rocks. Sophie attempted to get in the water, but despite her big talking she didn’t get in any farther than her ankles. It was really cold!

We gave Noah a warning that family Saturday at the beach was going to happen again and he agreed without too much protesting. It was so good to get out of the city, away from our computers, and just enjoy the sun and breeze with each other.

We’ll definitely be back!


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