Seven Quick Takes {All the Updates}

This blog has been silent for nearly two months, and while I’m guessing it’s the case that I’m the only one who’s noticed, I still feel the need to come here and brain dump for a bit. Like most things that sit for extended periods of time, I can’t promise what follows will be smooth and coherent, but it’s here and I hope to be coming to this space more regularly.

I’m going to make it easy on myself and link up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum for this week’s Seven Quick Takes.


  1. Summer Lovin’-We’re home. We came back in early June and have been soaking up the beautiful PNW weather every since. Grey skies and cool days forever. We’ve hit the parks, a few Mariners games, and made a few Target runs-all summer staples. We have about two and half more weeks before we head back to the Sandbox and I think we’ll all leave with a contentment about this season.
  2. House Drama-We listed our teeny tiny but perfect location condo the minute we landed Stateside. Adding a fourth kid into the mix has necessitated a move that was probable, but not immediate. The first weeks were a lot of work-especially with Paul still working and my big ol’ belly making it difficult to scrub and sweep continuously. But it worked! We had an offer over our asking price and we put an offer on another bigger home in the area. And then our buyer lost her job. And we’re back at square one. Except we still have our contract on our new house…ugh. Not stressful in the least. So, as of now, we’re moving our things out a few days before heading back to Doha and hoping for the best. This whole experience does not sit well with my controlling personality.
  3. Baby Girl-Amongst all the house drama, I’ve still be growing bigger and bigger. Last week the midwife measured me at 34 weeks when I was actually 32 weeks. Not a huge difference, but enough for me to feel validated in my exhaustion. I forgot how hard these last weeks can be-bending over, getting dressed, existing…all tiring. My fingers are crossed that they let me on the plane back to Doha.
  4. Reads-This summer has lacked the lazy feeling of summers past (see House Drama above) but I’ve managed to squeeze some reading time. I’ve been working my way through Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers and rereading Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Hoping to finish both this week and actually feel like I’ve accomplished something other than refreshing my email continuously waiting for an offer to come in.
  5. Adult Field Tripping-Last week the Grandparents kept the kids for a night and Paul and I managed to take off with his brother and girlfriend for our first Seattle Adult Field Trip. And by “adult” I simply mean it didn’t involve a million bathroom stops and whining. We hit up some great places, and even though breweries and hill walking weren’t exactly at the top of this pregnant lady’s wish list, it was good fun. Eating at this place and browsing at this one were my favorite.
  6. Lularoe-I put off exclusively wearing maternity clothes as long as I possibly could. I’m not sure why, perhaps I feel there’s some weird badge of honor in doing so, but without a doubt that time has passed. Give me all the empire waists and stretchy waistbands. Except! I can still wear all of the Lularoe items I’ve purchased over the last few months. I haven’t crossed the line into the obsession with this line, but I will say I’m super happy with the comfort, fit, and look of everything I’ve purchased. Not easy to do at eight months pregnant!
  7. Summer Bucket List-We’re down to our last few weeks here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’ve done a fair job of squeezing in our summer favorites between house showings, document signings, and visitors. Still to accomplish: a camp out, a trip to the giant fountain in Seattle, some time at Fay Bainbridge Park, and one more night of camp fire and s’mores.

So there’s the latest from Summer ’16. Lots of fun with a side of worry and drama.



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