This is the House

house2We’re down to our last week in our house on Bainbridge Island. We still don’t have a new buyer and while we’re moving our stuff out, we don’t have any definitive answers about exactly where and when we’ll be moving our stuff back in. It’s not a place I enjoy being. Certainty and clear paths are the things my dreams are made of, but right now that’s our reality.

We bought this house-sight unseen-in July 2011. We signed on it the day before we packed our bags and boarded a plane for India. Hands down, that week ranked as one of the craziest we’ve had in our 15 years of marriage. We had to wait almost a full year to actually see the house we’d bought. When we arrived back in June 2012 we moved our stuff in and began to to live the summer we’d imagined. Mariners games, walks to the Farmers’ Market and library, wooded parks, waterfront concerts, and our tiny little place existed in the heart of it all.

This place served us well for five years. It gave our third culture kids and sense of home an identity that would be hard to come by otherwise. Bainbridge was the magical word that let us know that all would be alright after a rough day far from home.

As we approached this summer, we knew it was time to find something new. We were still in love with our little place, but as the kids grew and our family expanded, we knew it was becoming less and less ideal. We needed a place where the kids could throw a baseball outside, have a little more space to be their loud, boisterous selves , and we could host guests without making them share a bathroom with three kids.

I know we’re lucky to have such a dilemma. To have to make a choice about finding an even better place for our kids to spend their summers is a definite luxury. But this is the place that gave our kids a sense of home. A feeling that summers were open windows and late nights, ball games at any number of parks, ferry rides into the city, and walks to the library.

For that I will be forever grateful. But now, it is time to expand their view, make new memories, and say goodbye to the house that gave us so much. My hope is that there is someone out there who will love it as much as we have, and if they could make us a full price offer sooner, rather than later that would be great.

So long Madison Avenue. You’ve been the best.



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