Clara’s First Weeks

I’m feeling a bit bumbling and all over the place with this blog these days. I don’t really have a focus or genre for my writing here so I suppose it’s more of the “you get what you get” brain dump variety these days. We’ve had baby Clara for almost two weeks now! I have all of the usual feelings of it all going to fast, but overall we’ve had a gentle transition to being a family of six (!) and she’s seems to be fitting in just fine.


Clara at 10 days old. She looks a lot like Sophie to me!

With my unexpected c-section, Paul decided to take his first week of paternity leave beginning the day after I had Clara. We had a week together with the big kids off at school and I think that helped everyone settle in. Keeping the kids at school helped give them some normalcy and routine, while I got some downtime to focus on feeding and cuddling baby Clara.

This week has been a holiday for Paul and the kids. Because of Eid we’ve had nine days off from school. For the most part this has meant lazy mornings and leisurely afternoons. One afternoon we met friends at the beach for cook out, another Paul took the kids to the Museum of Islamic Art to see the Chinese Terracotta Warriors and a Mohammed Ali exhibit, and I’ve gotten out for a quick grocery store run. Our neighbors have been kind enough to keep us fed every night and take the big kids to the pool as needed.

Clara remains a super chill baby. Obviously someone gave her the memo about her role as the fourth child of the family. She nurses well and sleeps well (in my arms…but that’s okay for now) and barely let’s out a cry unless you’re bathing her. She’s like a magical unicorn baby and I can only hope it continues.

Now I’m staring down next week, when everyone is back to work and back to school, and it’s all swimming lessons, basketball games, soccer practices, Back to School nights, etc…etc…etc…and I’m fretting a bit about how it will all get done, but at least we’ve had these few weeks.

Luckily I’m feeling pretty good. Paul and I have been taking Clara for a walk every night (when the temperature dips to a pleasant 99 degrees) and I am mostly off Advil and Tylenol. I definitely have the occasional breakdown of tears and nightfall can bring on the anxiety, but we’re working through that for now.

All in all it’s been a great start to life with Clara Mae.


We braved a beach cookout with Clara. She slept the whole time and managed to nurse in ridiculous heat. I so needed to get out of the house, so it was worth it!


One thought on “Clara’s First Weeks

  1. Clara Brings a new definition to precious! Sweetness and a bundle of joy! God bless her and keep her happy, healthy in a very long life of goodness.


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