One Little Word 2017

It could be that Charles Dickens was talking about jet lag when he began his famous “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,…” quote. Here I am at a quarter to three in the morning Doha time wide awake. I’m kicking myself for not being able to go back to sleep after nursing Clara, but I’m relishing the silence of the house even more. It’s this silence that finally allows me to hear myself think and know what I need to know.

We spent the New Year on an airplane. We left Virginia on New Years’ Eve and arrived back in Doha with only an hour left on the clock for New Years’ Day. Paul had made a point to celebrate my birthday the day before, so it wasn’t that that I missed, but rather the time I take to reflect and plan the year ahead. Like so many, I was ready for 2016 to move on, but I like to have a game plan ready before 2017 rolls in. As you can imagine, sitting on an airplane with four children was not conducive to making that plan. So here, as I sit in the quiet of the early morning, I can finally start to feel my plans coming together.

Last year I joined the One Little Word movement and felt the word surrender choosing me from the beginning. That year proved to be so accurate for me as I surrendered to life with three kids, then four, a home sale, then not, a move, a new job for Paul, a new baby, and finally a 24 hour trip back to the States to enjoy the holidays with family. 2016 was one big lesson in letting go of expectations.

For over a month now I’ve had the word adventure calling to me. I haven’t been sure that it is THE word, in reality it seems a little flimsy and trite after the year of surrender. However, over the last few weeks I’ve seen this word appear more and more and I do feel it’s calling. So my word for 2017 is adventure.

This year will be about embracing the adventure to living abroad with four kids. For defining what motherhood means to me. The adventure of watching Paul grow in his career while I recalibrate mine. Growing in my advocacy for early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practice. The adventure of training and running new races and seeing new places and growing new hobbies. The adventure to embracing the life we have thriving within its confines.

Welcome 2017! I’m ready for our next adventure.



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