Summer Time

I’ve been writing in a new place sporadically over the last month. I created a page, cleverly (in my humble opinion) titled “Om Gonna Stay in Bed” to capture a few of my yoga musings. I don’t know why I felt like I couldn’t put those here, but somehow, at the time, the separation felt right. I’ve had trouble coming back to this space. The blogosphere is so saturated with every type of writing that you begin to question whether or not there really is a place for your voice. Ultimately this space has always been where I go to figure out what I think for myself, not necessarily for others, and so I’ve come back to it again.

Were back on Bainbridge for the summer. This wasn’t our plan a year ago. I wrote all about leaving our sweet little home last summer. But here we are. We’ve moved a skeletal group of things into the place so we can enjoy another summer. The whys of it are a bit detailed and boring, so I’ll spare you, but the bottom line is we will be renting this place out for the next few years while we decide where to buy a bigger home. The timing made it such that it was better for us to squeeze out one final summer here before putting it up for rent. In some ways I am so glad we held onto this place. It’s a simple carefree home to have while we live overseas and the location is unbeatable, but holding onto it means we have one more summer in limbo where we try to fit the pieces of our life together.  The kids’ grumblings about renting this place are audible and that frequently makes me question whether we are doing the right thing, but for now I’m putting my trust in Paul and his logical thinking. Heart feelings on this issue can only go so far.

One week into summer and we’ve managed to set up home, visit with family, hit our favorite parks, pick up a few things at the farmers’ market, and go to a Mariner’s game. Now we’ll just play that week on repeat for the next five weeks. We’ve got the kids stuffed into bedrooms {and sweet Clara stuffed into our closet} and while no one has a ton of personal space, no one is really complaining.

Summer is here.

Life is good.




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