She’s Here!

  Clara Mae Kasky 9 pounds 2 ounces 21.5 inches 5:14 am Sweet Clara Mae arrived on Saturday, September 3 in the wee hours of the morning. Her birth was completely different than I expected and nothing like that of our other three children. She came out whole and perfect, if a bit purple at … More She’s Here!

This is the House

We’re down to our last week in our house on Bainbridge Island. We still don’t have a new buyer and while we’re moving our stuff out, we don’t have any definitive answers about exactly where and when we’ll be moving our stuff back in. It’s not a place I enjoy being. Certainty and clear paths … More This is the House

The First Year

Two weeks left and I am happy to say I think we survived our first year. Living the life of international teachers is amazing-the travel, the new experiences, and the amazing schools, but it is also wrought with challenges and obstacles that, although chosen, are not easy. When you make the decision to leave one … More The First Year

Here We Are

If you’d asked, I would have quickly told you this wasn’t the story I wanted to tell. It didn’t fit with my plan. My vision. All the things I thought I wanted. But it’s the story I am bound to tell. The story that was chosen for me, for my family, by someone infinitely smarter … More Here We Are

Fuwairit Beach

Last weekend was the first weekend in a few months that we had nothing on the agenda. No Little League, no soccer, and no birthday parties. We tried to run a few errands on Friday so that Saturday would be wide open. We planned on heading down to the MIA park, but as we thought … More Fuwairit Beach


I reached a new low this month. Yesterday I found myself laying in a ER bed, covered in a thin waffled blanket, with an IV dripping into my veins. There was no panic. No stress. Just pure relief that I had at least 45 minutes to myself to close my eyes and not be bothered … More February

January Goals

Is mid-January too late to create my goals for the month? I prefer to think of it as a soft start. With a growth mind set. I was encouraged by a new to me blog and the way she breaks up her monthly goals so I’m going to give it a try. Except mine are … More January Goals